Outcomes Connect Team Approach to Supporting Optimal Outcomes

How does the Outcome Connect Team work?

At Outcomes Connect, the services we provide are led by a deep understanding of your needs, and follow proven evidence to support you to achieve positive outcomes.

Many Participants are best supported by a range of allied health therapies, and Outcomes Connect we follow a team approach that covers Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Positive Behaviour Support. When you engage with more than one of our Clinicians, they will work together closely to ensure they combine their specialist knowledge to best support you to achieve your goals.

“There is evidence that multi-disciplinary teams can improve outcomes in a range of patient groups”

Department of Health

At times our Clinicians will work with you jointly, for instance when gathering information to understand your needs, or when supporting you to learn new skills across more than one allied health area. Our team will also work with you individually to progress you towards your goals and will discuss your progress with the other Clinicians in your team, to ensure we provide optimal use of your NDIS, TAC or WorkCover funding and achieve the best possible outcome.

What is a Lead Clinician?

To help streamline your interactions with your Outcomes Connect team, you will have a Lead Clinician, who will be your key contact. They will work with you to ensure your goals are fully understood and documented in your Service Agreement. They will also coordinate the completion of your Outcome Report and work with you to assess your progress under your plan.

Your Clinicians will check in with you on a regular basis to ensure your supports are working for you and you feel you are progressing towards your goals. Please keep us informed of how our services are working for you as your feedback is invaluable.